Shenzhen Nanshan Foreign Language School Class


The class will be studying and preparing selections from the musical Oliver for a performance at the end of the school term. The current projected performance date is December 26, and is subject to change.

[New!]Don reading the script is here.[New!]

[New!]The cast list is here. [New!](MS Word .DOCX)

The script is here. (MS Word .DOCX)

The printed music is here. (1.7MB MS Word .DOCX

[New!]The class plan is here. [New!] (MS Word .DOCX)

[New!]The song Boy For Sale:[New!]

[New!]The song Where Is Love:[New!]

[New!]The song Consider Yourself:[New!]

[New!]The song I'd Do Anything:[New!]

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