Nanshan Foreign Language School,
                 Performance Arts Class
                 Final Performance: June 1, 2016!

Time and location to be determined.

Rehearsals are at the Nanshan school and at the OCT branch of the DreamBox School (see map and address below).

The Storyboard (MS Word docx document)


For March 18, 2016

The same homework as for last week: Look at the storyboard and write the story in your own words. For this assignment Chinese is acceptable, but try to write at least some of it in English. Write at least one sentence for each picture.

You will also have a written vocabulary test. The words you should have written in your notebooks include

       Story – what happened

       Plot – details of the story

       Theme – the meaning of the story

       Script – the written copy of the plot

       Book – another word for script

       Stanislavski – the name of a famous acting teacher and the method he developed—The Stanislavski Method

       Read through – reading the script out loud as a group

       Blocking – setting the action on the stage

       Off book – running the play from memory—not using the book


            Don't forget to bring your notebooks!



Map and Address

华侨城校址:深圳市 南山区 侨城东街13-22楼(华侨城海景花园裙楼,同仁堂楼上)(地铁1号线华侨城地铁站 A出口)


Cathy 王老师: 15919885906

Cynthia 蔡老师: 18823873778

Elaine 相老师: 13502820680

Don 唐瑞民: 13502820680



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