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This December 31st, 2006 recording is of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett 15-member "Good GNUUs Choir" in Lawrenceville, GA under the direction of the composer. This performance was his last official duty as Music Director prior to his resignation taking effect the following day.

This piece is the choral arrangement of the second movement of Don's "Peace Symphony," and is “Dedicated to those world leaders who are committed to Peace.”

Practice and Rehearsing Links

Click on the following to access the practice MIDI files. (They should play in your Windows Media Player.) The "music minus one" is all parts except yours, so you have a chance to practice singing against the other voices. It's a good ear training opportunity!

All Parts

Soprano I and II

Soprano I

Soprano I (music minus one)

Soprano II

Soprano II (music minus one)

Alto I and II

Alto I

Alto I (music minus one)

Alto II

Alto II (music minus one)

Tenor I and II

Tenor I

Tenor I (music minus one)

Tenor II

Tenor II (music minus one)


Bass (music minus one)

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Last modified: 02/23/22