Don's aunt, Esther Wiseman Rechtman, died 19 January 2021, a few days before her 94th birthday.

She was married to her late husband Edwin "Ed" Rechtman, Don's father's brother. She has always been and is still a stalwart source of strength and inspiration for the family. This song is a collaboration between Esther's granddaughter Rachel Winter who wrote the words and Don, who wrote and performed the music; it was originally presented via phone at her birthday celebration in 2016.

The current arrangement was updated to improve the quality. She was an avid Israeli and square dance dancer, and enjoyed country & western music as well as classical.

Sheet Music

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Vocal Score A4 PDF

Full Score Sibelius SIB (You will need Sibelius or Scorch Sibelius Reader)

Don's singing with accompaniment

Esther Bday song-Rachel Winter-Don Rechtman.mp3


Last modified: 02/23/22