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Performance Arts is a catch-all phrase that includes anything performed before an audience. It includes but is not necessarily limited to music, theater, dance, speech, mime, improv, real-time painting and sculpting, and mixed media presentations. Wikipedia has a fairly extensive definition, but the looser the definition, the closer it is to what Don does!

Don is "third-generation" Martyn Green. Martyn Green? He was one of the outstanding comedic leads for London's D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, the now defunct "official" Gilbert and Sullivan operetta troupe. Third Generation? Don's voice and musical theatre coach and mentor was Rue Knapp (photo, on the left), Rue Knapp (L) as Ko-Ko from the Mikado, 1956whom Martyn Green mentored to be the lead in the American Savoyards, the North American spin-off of the D'Oyly Cartre that was lauded for its strict adherence to following the D'Oyly Carte interpretations of the operettas. While acknowledging his performance skills are nowhere near the level of his mentors, Don does have a flair for passing their teachings on to others. (Check out this YouTube video for images of Rue and Don in G&S performances!)

Here are some of the things he does with Performance Arts:

Music. (This is a link to his main music page.)

Theater and Music Theater Workshops. Covering areas as diverse as working with masks to reading music for the non-musician, the workshops combine instruction with interest.

The , a new school being established in Shenzhen, China, that utilizes Don's unique methods for teaching integrated performance arts to students of all ages.

Theatre and Music for English as Second Language (ESL) students.

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