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Smoking  and Remorse

Here is a video (.mp4 - 25mb!) of Don and his 8 year old Chinese friend Victor in a full feature news story (in Chinese)  about Don's efforts to educate people in Nanchang about smoking (From 2010).

The Hidden Power of Remorse
A presentation given to an International School's junior and senior classes

This is a three-part slide show presentation designed for English speaking Chinese, especially high school and college students. China's modern culture has incorporated smoking into part of its definition of what it is to be a Man, and although there is little health awareness regarding smoking, it is the cultural aspect that is primarily responsible for China's massive smoking epidemic. In the West, it is obviously too late to change the habits of the adult population; in China, as in the West, it will be the student population that mobilizes the change.

The PowerPoint presentation is here (17mb file!).

The pre- and post-ballots printout is here (MS Word file).

The student ballot results is here (MS Word file).

The recorded questionnaire counts is here (MS Excel file).

The PowerPoint illustration of 1.7 trillion cigarettes is here (7.6mb file).

Follow-up Ideas for Students is here (MS Word file).

A document with the Reference Links used in the presentation is here (MS Word file with hyperlinks). (NOTE: This list has not been updated in six years, so some of the links may no
longer be active.)

Call for Chinese Women to Take Action Against One of China's National Health Emergencies is here (MS Word file).

Don's Shenzhen Daily News article about taking action against second-hand smoke may be seen here.

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Last modified: 02/23/22