Bao'an Library English Salon Presentations

February 16, 2014: Guns, Germs, and Steel

Click here for the PPSX format PowerPoint presentation (4.0 MB). (Links to the book in Chinese, to the complete book as a downloadable PDF, and to the videos are on the last page of the presentation.)

December 5, 2013: American Fast Food and its Impact on China

Click here for the PowerPoint presentation (6.7 MB).

November 3, 2013The Singing Voice in Different Cultures

Some Westerners think Chinese singers sound like squeaky brakes on a car.

Some Chinese think Western singers sound like they’re singing in a box.

There are real differences; are the differences genetic or cultural? Are they different because of the different languages, or perhaps even because of the weather?

Don takes you on a lighthearted journey through different ways of singing, some of which are familiar, and some you probably have never heard. You’ll discover the why and how of different styles found is different parts of the world. It is an adventure with discussions of videos of native musicians, and an opportunity for you to learn how make some of the sounds you’ll be hearing.

Main Points

  • Locally and Globally Diverse Singing Styles

  • Origins of different styles

  • How to sing in the different styles

  • What to listen for in and how to enjoy different styles



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