Meditations for the Festival of Humanity
Recorded Live, at the
Festival of Humanity
April 10-12, 1998 in Reno, Nevada
Music by Orfeo

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Gathering Lights
Original Improvised Music by Don "Orfeo" Rechtman
Available at

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The Festival of Humanity is sponsored by The Columns of Light, a nonprofit organization. For more information about The Columns of Light, contact
Rhonda LaFountaine

© 1998, 2000 by Don “Orfeo” Rechtman; all rights reserved.
Digitally remastered March, 2000
Released to limited public domain October, 2009

Ideal for

  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Meditation

Liner Notes

1. Prelude: Opening the Energy (4:41)

Prelude MP3 (Caution: 4.3 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

Before the Festival started, Orfeo was moved to play music representative of the energy of the gathering peoples and entities.

2. Metatron: Mahatma Energy (16:47)

Metatron.MP3 (Caution: 15.7 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

John LaFountaine is a Channel for Archangel Metatron and the Mahatma energies. He is an ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek. This music accompanied his meditation on Friday, April 10.

You will hear several distinct melodic fragments over the grounding drone. These, according to Orfeo, were “given” to him as either different beings, or as different ways of being.

3. The Council of Twelve (13:12)

Council of Twelve.MP3 (Caution: 12.3 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

Selacia is a channel for The Council of Twelve, a group of multidimensional beings who are high masters in the spiritual hierarchy. They come from a place of unconditional love, assisting in personal growth and spiritual development by sharing their wisdom and healing energies.

This music accompanied her meditation on Saturday, April 11.

4. The Chakra Energies (6:03)

The Chakra Energies MP3 (Caution: 5.6 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

5. Michael Energy (15:28)

Michael Energy MP3 (Caution: 14.5 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

Ronna Herman is an internationally renowned channel for the energies and messages of Archangel Michael. She is also a professional performer and speaker. Among her writings is her latest book, “On Wings of Light,” messages of hope and inspiration from Archangel Michael.

The music accompanied two meditations she led during her Saturday afternoon presentation.

6. Mother Earth Energy (16:34)

Mother Earth Energy MP3 (Caution: 15.5 Meg file!)
     Click the victrola to play the recording.

Pepper Lewis is a carrier of the Earth Frequency. Her articles regularly appear in Sedona Journal of Emergence and other publications.

This music accompanied her evening meditation on April 11.

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