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Your child in a fully staged theatre production.

Your child acts, speaks, dances and sings.

Your child helped write the words and music being performed!

The   guides your child in transforming what is imagined into reality.

Here’s what the “Fresh Start” (Beginner’s) Twelve Week Program looks like:

Utilizing a well-established "non-linear approach," the first three weeks introduces the entire concept of music theatre production including acting, writing, and performance. It gives the coaches and students an opportunity to learn about each other and how everyone can work together. It also gives the students a first time experience of what they are capable of creating. This time allows the coach to identify the student’s interests, and the general type of learning methods best for the class. (One class may be better at movement or speaking; another may be better at music or dancing.)

The next three weeks focus on basic acting and musicianship skills, teamwork, and understanding how feelings and ideas may be powerfully expressed on the stage. At the end of this period, the students will create their script and music.

The final six weeks are spent rehearsing, learning stagecraft skills (making sets, costumes, props, and applying makeup), and preparing marketing strategies.

The Program’s finale is a fully staged performance of the work created by the class.

If you can imagine, we’d like you to imagine with us!

For more information about the school, including enrollment and fees, call Elaine, the school's business manager, in Shenzhen at +86 135-0282-0680

Click here to review or download Don's PowerPoint slide presentation that explains the concept of the non-linear approach to teaching performance arts disciplines.

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