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Scheduling a Musical Satsang

Musical Satsang

Lessons from a Musical Intuitive

Satsang (derived from “saadh sangat”) translates literally as “true association.” It commonly refers to a way of teaching and learning, in which a spiritual teacher presents lessons and responds to questions. Other forms of Satsang may include singing of God's praises in the company of true devotees, discussing or deliberating spiritual teachings, thinking and contemplating on such spiritual teachings, meditational worship of God or other deity, reflecting on the Shabad, etc.

A Musical Satsang consists of musical teachings and responses to questions. Music, as language, communicates emotion, and frees the mind to process. Process what? Anything. Your questions might be all-encompassing (“What is the meaning of life?”), simple and practical (“Should I go on the date if asked?”), or, if you are feeling skeptical or caustic, totally unrelated to you and your interests (“Are you for real?”). No matter what the question, you (and others present) may discover new paths, new meanings, and new answers. Even the skeptic may discover an “answer” to the caustic question that comes closer to the truth than was expected, or even desired. One of the nice things about this process is, as in any group-teaching environment, you do not have to be the one asking the question to glean insight from the answer.

As a musical intuitive, Don can delve deeply into one’s psyche, sometimes into regions of which even the listener was unaware. The potential is there for disclosure of emotions and issues that are best not shared publicly. For this reason, he will musically disclose only the positive aspects of the presented questions.

As people may be in different “places” at the end of the lessons and answers, you are respectfully requested to refrain from applauding. If you wish, you may display your silent gratitude by gently waving your hands over your heads.

Some people may experience a need to go to a silent or different physical place to process some of their thoughts and emotions; all are welcome to come and go as they please.

A minimum of two sets will be presented. A “Set” consists of the playing of a short general lesson for everyone, followed by a musical response to each of about four written questions, and by a ten-minute break. During the breaks and at the end, you will have an opportunity to review the questions on display.

For a detailed discussion of “Satsang,” see
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 If you wish to ask a question for a musical response, please write it on a sheet provided. It is optional to include your name. You may submit your question at any time during the program. Questions will be drawn at random.

 Don’s CDs are available for sale. The Satsang is recorded, and you may sign up to purchase a CD of the program.

Scheduling a Musical Satsang

A Musical Satsang can be scheduled as a public concert in a performance venue or as a home concert. Please contact Don regarding public concert rates.

Home concerts are a way for you to introduce Don to your friends and family in a more intimate setting. Most concerts are private and by invitation only, but the rules are entirely up to you. Invite ten or more people, and Don will show up with his miniature studio prepared to play the music of the evening. The evening's music is recorded, and a CD is prepared that your guests can buy as a remembrance of the event. As Don's host, you are gifted a free copy of the CD. Don's other CDs are made available for you and your guests.

Don carefully guards your privacy. If your gathering is private, only the date and county are advertised on this page. Contact information can include your name and contact information, or Don is glad to serve as your contact. He will not disclose any information about you or your location unless the caller properly identifies your gathering according to your specifications.


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