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[New!]January 6, 2021: Don presented his smoking machine to an international high school's juniors and seniors. His information regarding smoking may be seen here.

October 4-10, 2020: For his National Day vacation, Don has traveled north to Henan XinXiang. So far, in addition to experiencing a traditional wedding coupled with a Chinese-styled Christian wedding and becoming overwhelmed with cigarette smoke, he also visited a "public shower," which is actually a variation of a hot spa. Plans are to visit historical Kaifeng before returning to Nanchang.

September, October 2020: Don is already contributing to music groups on WeChat, especially several based in Jiangxi Nanchang. He is also helping 南昌五中,Nanchang Number 5 Middle School with its performance arts classes for 10th and 11th graders in their International School department. (Being students in that department means that they can speak and understand English!)
   Don is free to travel and present special classes, workshops, and performances. Feel free to contact him for more information for your school or group.

August 21-22, 2020: Don will visit 柴泉农逗庄园, Guangzhou Dingnan Manor. He will be assisting in preparing promotional materials for the Manor, which is basically is a "nature hotel" consisting of geodesic domes as hotel rooms. He has previously participated in concerts and other activities there.

May 23, 2020: (Was May 20, but moved to avoid conflicting with Chinese Valentine's Day! Then moved from the 22nd to the 23rd because his visa extension won't be ready until the evening of the 22nd in Shenzhen.) Don originally moved from Nanchang to Shenzhen because Shenzhen provided more music opportunities at the time. Now, 8 1/2 years later, his financial situation has improved, and as the cost of living in Nanchang is much less (compare NYC with Fargo in the USA), and because Nanchang now has one of the newest most advanced Performance Arts Complexes in China, the advantages turned back in favor of Nanchang. Don has always liked the lifestyle Nanchang has to offer as compared to Shenzhen: Shenzhen is a bustling metropolis comparable to NYC,  whereas Nanchang has a feel more similar to Madison, Wisconsin. In theory, he could retire and not have to work, but he plans to continue following his passion for music. In addition to composing and performing, he will strive to become involved in the Nanchang music community, assisting in building a chorus and orchestra for the city. Nanchang is comparable to Atlanta, Georgia in size, education, and economic development.

May 9, 2020: (Was May 2, but network problems moved the event up one week.) In association with ThousandTrees Education, Don will be presenting a free talk called "The Bizarre Nature of Music and Art in the Time of Crisis." Don will lead a global exploration of some of the more unique aspects of music, and how music and other arts help make life a little easier during times of crisis. It includes music examples from around the world. It is suitable for adults and families.

This presentation is also an introduction to the series of online classes also titled "The Bizarre Nature of Music." (See the May, 2020 item below.)
To attend, scan the QR code on the web page, or you can contact Amanda on WeChat (her WeChat ID is TTrees_Amanda) or call her at +86 (China) 188-2381-2124.

May, 2020 TBD: Don will be teaching an innovative series of online classes called "The Bizarre Nature of Music," one hour presentations in English. Using videos and explanations of quite unique ways music is created, it introduces concepts of music's origins, development, and diversity. If interested in participating, contact Amanda on WeChat (her WeChat ID is TTrees_Amanda) or call her at +86 (China) 188-2381-2124.

March 13-22, 2020: Don will be teaching the third series of online classes called "Music Club," a one hour presentation of an English song to introduce not only the music, but also the lyrics. As time permits, the deeper meaning of the words and music are explored, as well as practice for learning the song. If interested in participating, contact Amanda on WeChat (her WeChat ID is TTrees_Amanda) or call her at +86 (China) 188-2381-2124.

February 23, 2020: Don is teaching the second series of online classes called "Music Club," a one hour presentation of an English song to introduce not only the music, but also the lyrics. As time permits, the deeper meaning of the words and music are explored, as well as practice for learning the song. If interested in participating, contact Amanda on WeChat (her WeChat ID is TTrees_Amanda) or call her at +86 (China) 188-2381-2124.

February 10, 2020: Don is teaching an online class called "Music Club," a one hour presentation of an English song to introduce not only the music, but also the lyrics. As time permits, the deeper meaning of the words and music are explored, as well as practice for learning the song. If interested in participating, contact Amanda on WeChat (her WeChat ID is TTrees_Amanda) or call her at +86 (China) 188-2381-2124.

January 21, 2020: The ANSWER Coalition is coordinating a massive global demonstration against the U.S. atrocities in Iran and the Middle East. For more information, see
I am making buttons for U.S. citizens to wear in China to show their support for the anti-war efforts.

January 3, 2020: The Shenzhen Music Association Chorus is performing its opening year concert; Don is in the chorus.

December 7-8, 2019: Cinderella, the Musical! Don is playing the part of Sebastian.

December 5, 2019: The Shenzhen Music Association Chorus is performing its year end concert; Don is in the chorus.

August, 2019: Don was scheduled to be a judge at another performance arts competition in Hong Kong; however, due to the disruptions, the competition was cancelled.

July, August, 2019: Don was a judge in several international youth performance arts competitions held in Hong Kong.

July, 2019:The plan for H.M.S. Pinafore was scrapped due to England's ambassador making inappropriate comments regarding China's internal affairs with Hong Kong.

12-13 May, 2019: Don was a judge at an international choral competition in Xiamen, China, in the Fujian province.

Sometime in 2019: Don is working on putting together a fully staged performance of H.M.S. Pinafore, an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan. Check back for progress reports and performance dates...(pending opening night is 2 January, 2020.)

December 28, 2018, 8PM: The Shenzhen Music Association Chorus performs its final concert of the year. Don sings in the chorus, and is the first and only current foreigner in the chorus. Shenzhen Concert Hall, 8PM

December 29, 2018, 6PM: The Qin Song Art Center (琴歌艺术中心) will present its annual New Year's Concert at the Shenzhen Concert Hall, 6PM. In addition to other performers, Don will perform two of his songs, "A Bird Will Sing" and "The Lover's Waltz." Admission is FREE!

December 27, 2018: The Yijing Primary School Performance Arts class performs a musical created in 1985 by children in Georgia, USA. Click here for details.

December 11 [was the 9th], 2016: The DreamBox Performance Arts class performs a musical created in 1985 by children in Georgia, USA. Click here for details.

February 21, 2016: The DreamBox school's classes resume, including Don's Performance Arts classes. Click here for details.

January 23, 2016, 12PM (USA time): Don's Aunt Esther is celebrating her 90th birthday with family and friends. Her granddaughter Rachel wrote lyrics and Don set them in a country-Western setting, his first ever! You can find the music here.

January 18, 2016, 6PM: The Friday DreamBox Performance Arts class of the Nanshan Foreign Language school will present its musical "What?". What happens when someone has a strange experience that seems like a dream? To find out, visit the OCT branch of DreamBox and enjoy the play! Admission is free. Map and Address

January 3, 2016, 6PM: The Sunday DreamBox Performance Arts class will present its musical "Cici and Linda's Adventure." What happens when two good friends get together to celebrate a birthday and a potential tragedy occurs? To find out, visit the Shekou branch of DreamBox and join in the (potential) fun! Admission is free. Map and Address

August 2-14, 2015: DreamBox and the CMTSC again join forces to present a music theater summer camp in Shenzhen. Don will be assisting as accompanist and music director. For details about the camp click here to see their web page.

June 11, 2015: The SZ/HK Music Salon is performing for an EQXIU.COM convention: "2015 China cross-border all the chips and new three board of investment and financing peak BBS." Don will be performing with them.

April 16, 2015: The Shenzhen Music Association Chorus will participate in a Spring Concert. You can see the flyer (in Chinese) here. (FRONT side with the time and location; BACK side with the program)

April 4, 2015: Don's and Delia's Surprise Birthday Party--surprise, it never happened! It's nonexistence was unintentional, but conflicting schedules and a multitude of events and holidays rather successfully neutered the occasion. Don says we'll just have to wait 'till his next 65th birthday...

April 4, 2015: Don's and Delia's Surprise Birthday Party, time and place TBD. Check back here, preferably before April 4!

February 27, 2015: Each Chinese New Year Beijing hosts its annual Gala Celebration, televised on CCTV. Not to be outdone, Shenzhen Theatre hosts its own annual televised Spring Festival Gala Celebration, to be held February 27 at 2:30PM. Actually, it is outdone, as the budget for Shenzhen Theatre's one-hour Gala is provided only by the government of Shenzhen, whereas the Beijing Gala's budget is nationally provided for and its Gala lasts one full marathon-like day. Don will be performing "We Are Chinese" (《我们是中国人 》). You can see Shenzhen Theatre's announcement here.

February 2, 2015: Shenzhen Theatre is having a pre-performance rehearsal for its upcoming Spring Festival Gala Celebration to be held February 27. Don will be performing "We Are Chinese" (《我们是中国人 》). Details about the final performance to follow...

December 20, 2014: Don will present a master class on Stage Communication, coaching music students on their stage presence. The Arts Alliance, Shenzhen, 10-12AM.

November 29, 2014: Don has been invited by the Chinese Tao Times band to join their November 29th concert at the Shenzhen Symphony Hall to premiere his new song, "Holding Our Love Together." It is a free concert, at 3PM.

November 4, 2014: The Shenzhen Nanshan Foreign Language School pages have been updated, and include a reading track to assist the cast members in their pronunciation.

October 17, 2014: Don did not make the Competition's final, but the October 25th concert was still a great success! He will try again next year...

October 13, 2014: For the second year, Don will participate in the Shenzhen Elder's Singing Competition. This year there will be additional foreigners participating; last year Don was the first ever foreigner in the competition. You may see the promotional registration flyer (including the schedule and venue) here. Look closely: you'll see his picture on the front of the flyer!

September 20, 2014: A link for Don's musical theatre class being held at the Shenzhen Nanshan Foreign Language School is here.

August 25, 2014: "Don has a moving experience" is literal: he moved from his old apartment at Huangpu Yayuan to his new apartment at Xiangmi Shidai. Details are on his home page.

August 4-15, 2014: DreamBox resumes with a two-week program in which six-to-nine year olds will prepare and present a short musical version of Peter Pan. For more information, call Cynthia (Chinese and English!) at 188-2387-3778.

August 1, 2014: Two of Don's compositions have been posted on his Free Music Page. The first, his Christmas carol O Blessed Night, includes recordings, notes, and music; the second,  The Lover's Waltz has a newly orchestrated accompaniment with chorus added.

June 26, 2014: The Shenzhen Community Chorus will be performing. Don is a member. Check back soon for the exact time and place...

June 17, 2014: Performance Arts classes from BCIS gave successful in-school performances. The school in Nanshan and DreamBox do not yet have definite performance dates set, but they will be informal performances for family and friends.

June, 2014: Performance Arts classes from BCIS, the school in Nanshan, and DreamBox will be performing the musicals they created sometime towards the middle and end of June. Check here for the dates and locations, to be posted here by the end of May!

UPDATE: The BCIS class performances are currently scheduled for BCIS graduation day, June 13!

April, 2014: Personal birthday message from Don: My friend and colleague Delia (邱红) and I wish to thank you for helping make our party a wonderful birthday celebration. Those of you who know me well enough are familiar enough to know my propensity toward laziness. With that in mind, I wish to collectively rather than individually thank people for their birthday gifts. I did not expect anything, yet received everything from trinkets to music to music boxes to fine art work. And from others, I was honored by their presence and performances, and from still others who were unable to attend, their good thoughts and wishes. And of course, I had the honor of sharing the celebration with my colleague and friend Delia.

In return, in addition to my thanks for a wonderful time, I wish to offer all of you a "heads up" advance notice (or "warning," if you prefer!) of Delia's and my anticipated surprise birthday party around the same time next year.


April 6, 2014, 11AM-4PM: Don and his friend Delia are joining forces to celebrate their birthdays. Don's April 1st birthday is on a very non-holiday-like Tuesday, but Delia's April 6th falls on a Sunday, so they'll mutually celebrate birthdays and April Fool's Day in one afternoon's ribaldry.

Please RSVP, as the head count will determine the venue (somewhere between Louhu and Nanshan districts inclusive in Shenzhen). Please see this poster for more information. (Here is the Chinese version.)


March 16, 2014, 9AM-12PM: Don participating in Performance at a Music Salon
A public rehearsal for an upcoming performance will take place in the Shenzhen Theatre in Luohu on March 16, starting at 9AM. It is located off the Laojie subway station, exit 4F. Performances include the soprano Marina (from the Ukraine) and baritone Don (from the States) singing the Chinese song "I am Chinese," and singers, dancers, and comedy. Contact Don if you need more information.



February 21, 2014, 7PM: Performance Arts Class,
For students age 6 and up held at the clubhouse of Huang Pu Ya Yuan. The students will create their own musical, including words and music, and perform it at the end of the term. For more information, please call the Business Manager, Elaine, at 135-0282-0680

February 16, 2014, 10AM: Bao'an Library English Lecture:
"Guns, Germs, and Steel"
an Introduction to the book of the same name, by Jared Diamond
NOTE: The PPT presentation and links are on Don's  Bao'an Library page.

Human history was not shaped by intelligence; it was shaped by weapons, disease, and resources (guns, germs, and steel). Is it true that 168 European soldiers successfully defeated a South American army of 80,000? Is it possible that the most intelligent people on the planet have never even seen a gun?
These ideas and others will be presented and discussed.
You can see part of the movie version (枪炮细菌和钢铁电影) at http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/102445852-1592236613.html 

January 18, 2014, 8PM: Performance Arts class performance. Due to varied circumstance, the program (see January 17 below) has been moved to Saturday.

January 17, 2014, 8PM: Performance Arts class performance. The class of 11 students will give a staged performance the short musical "Mystic Music, Holiday of Magic" at the clubhouse of Huang Pu Ya Yuan. Admission is free, but please RSVP, as space is limited.

February ??, 2014:SCICE. The premiere performance of the Shenzhen Children's International Choral Ensemble will take place around the time of the Chinese Spring Festival in February. Please watch this site and www.DreamBoxArts.com for details as plans are completed...

November 16, 2013:Shenzhen hosted its  Tenth Annual Top Ten Singer Qiu Gong Solo Concert, and Don was a featured performer! He performed the popular Chinese song  "Zhong Guo Ren" (中国人)。 Here are some links to a news video report and a newspaper review. If he finds a full video somewhere it will be added to this site.

November 16, 2013:Shenzhen is hosting the finale of its Tenth Annual Top Ten Singer Qiu Gong Solo Concert, and Don is participating!
   When he competed on Nov. 1, the judges selected the top eight competitors for the final competition, but Don was number nine! :(  But as it is the 10th anniversary for the event, they've invited him to perform his song "We Are..." as a gift to the celebration.
   UPDATE!!! Due to time and space constraints and program planning, his song "We Are..." is no longer on this program, but will be included in a program at a later date to be determined. Instead, Don will for the first time ever perform a Chinese song in Chinese, "Zhong Guo Ren" (中国人)。 The televised performance is at 2PM; tickets are required but may be free on a first come first served basis.

  • November 1, 2013:Children singers wanted!!!
    Don is seeking school students from elementary through high school who would like to sing backup for him when he performs at the Singing Competition. It is very easy: the music and English words may be found here.

    If interested, please send Don an email, contact him on QQ, or give him a call, and he'll give you the details.


      •            November 1, 2013:Shenzhen is hosting its Tenth Annual Top Ten Singer Qiu Gong Solo Concert, and
                            Don is competing!

        It is open to middle-aged and older singers with residency in Shenzhen. There are two competitions, one for people 35 to 55 years old, and one for 55 and older. Don will be in one of the two groups!

        It will take place in the Shenzhen Theater (at the LaoJie subway station, Exit F;

        老街站发出口), and is jointly sponsored by various organizations including the Municipal Party Committee Marketing Department, Shenzhen's Tourism Bureau, the city Music Association, the Shenzhen Theater, and others. Since 2004, this annual "Shenzhen Elders Singing Competition" has provided middle-aged and older friends an opportunity to share their talents on the big stage. This year is the tenth anniversary, and an official said the competition will focus on "popular taste, happiness, health, and entertainment ." Each competitor in the event is "invited to sing your story".

        Don has passed the preliminaries; the semi-finals are November 1, and the televised final is November 16. As voice is secondary to innovation, ability, expressive force and musical appeal, Don has a good chance to receive one of the "Ten Best Singers" award in his category!

        Details for tickets to the events will be posted soon...
      • 【深圳商报讯】(记者 王光明)“美丽·罗湖 十佳歌手邱红独唱音乐会”18日在深圳戏院举行,标志着第10届中老年歌手大赛正式拉开帷幕。19日,深圳市第十届中老年歌手大赛正式启动报名。
          今年报名的具体要求是,35周岁以上的深圳市民或持有效在深居住证件(有效期半年以上)的常住居民均有资格报名参赛,在深持有有效居住证的外国朋友也可参赛。大赛将分为中年组(35-55周岁)和老年组(55周岁以上),通过选拔赛、初赛、复赛、决赛,从创新力、表现力及感染力几个方面对选手进行选拔,每个组别设置5名、共计10名 “十佳歌手”奖。

      • September 5, 2013: The website for the Imagine! School (in China, known as DreamBox Arts) is up and running! Still being tweaked, but is off to a good start, as is the school, as are the classes.
      • August 12-August 25, 2013: The imagine school and CMTSC in cooperation with the Shenzhen Children's Palace will present an "International Theater Arts Exchange Program" called "Dreambox on Broadway" from August 12th through the final performance of August 25th. The performance will be at the Children's Palace. Registration is currently open for young people aged 6 to 16. See the brochure for more information.
        July 1, 2013: Don now resides in the Futian District of Shenzhen! See the new address at the bottom of the website's home page.
      • June 26, 2013: Don is moving in the next few days from his Bao'an residence to his new residence in Futian. He will save more than 13 hours travel time each week by this move!
      • June 13, 2013: The imagine! School of Creative and Cultural Arts is pleased to join forces with the Children's Musical Theatre Summer Camp (CMTSC) in presenting a summer camp in Shenzhen. CMTSC will present its camp in Beijing for the second time, and we will have a parallel camp in Shenzhen. The camp is from August 12th through the final performance date of August 26th. Due to our late start, students are expected to have at least some prior performance experience as well as proficiency in English. Registration is now open for students aged 6 to 16; older students and adults may also apply for a parallel evening program. Registration is 5,000RMB, but lets talk about scholarships to reduce costs!
      • For more information and to register, please call the business manager, Elaine, at (+86) 135-0282-0680.

        CMTSC instructors are primarily native English speaking grads of Juilliard School of the Arts in New York City, who specialize in theatre, music and dance.
      • May 23, 2013: Don is back home in China. During his visit his mother, Bettie Bernice Rosenblatt, passed away due to old age at 87. She died comfortably and with her family, after all the appropriate goodbyes were said in both directions. She will be missed, but remains an inspiration on the Art of Living to those who knew her.
      • May 9, 2013: Don is starting a new "training" school in Shenzhen, China, along with three Chinese investors. Check out the  
      • February 20, 2013: The story for Verse 5 of the Tao de Jing is available. You may see and support the Kickstarter project by clicking here.
      • February 14, 2013: A Kickstarter project was launched to help fund Don's completion of his short stories collection "The Western Tao" based upon the Tao de Jing. You may see and support the project by clicking here.
      • January 21, 2013: A video of the November 11, 2012 Shenzhen, China presentation of the Spirituality of Music is now available.
      • January 18, 2013: The complete short one-act play, The Restaurant and the Fly, including a video of a performance, is now available.

        The complete description of Don's unique program for TOEFL is now posted.
      • January 15, 2013: Finally got around to adding the 2011 Zen of Zen concert; please enjoy!
      •  January 1, 2013: Happy New Year! (Don got to experience it about twelve or more hours earlier than his family did in the U.S.) The Kickstarter project did not meet its goal, presumably due to bad scheduling around the holiday season. Check back soon, as it will be restarted shortly, and some others may be added as well. Oh, and keep in mind that although the fiscal cliff may not be as steep as some make it out to be, you may still have to be careful not to get bogged down in the mud at the bottom.

        Most of Don's poetry and his 2004 collection of humor called "Schwinn Fei" are online. The first five stories for the Western Tao--Dales of the Tao are also now online. The completion of the 81 public domain short stories will be submitted as a second Kickstarter project; please keep your ears tuned to this Eustachian tube!

      •  December 23, 2012: Only six more Kickstarter project days to go! Don's project to create orchestrations for his Endangered Species Songbook is now on Kickstarter, the web's premier fundraising site. He's looking for pledges to support him in creating the project. To see the project, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/388142961/endangered-species-songbook?ref=email
             Recordings of the endangered species pieces have been added to the Endangered Species Songbook page.
      •  December 15, 2012: Kickstarter project started! Don's project to create orchestrations for his Endangered Species Songbook is now on Kickstarter, the web's premier fundraising site. He's looking for pledges to support him in creating the project. To see the project, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/388142961/endangered-species-songbook?ref=email
      •  December 7, 2012: More free music added! Don happened upon a once forgotten song he had written in 1990 that was used in a play. It is his first (and only) folk song, and was inspired by Lanford Wilson's play "Fifth of July." It is very timely for what is happening today. Discover the song "Can't Go Back Again" here.
      •  November 27, 2012: The music to and the May, 2002 recording of Don's setting of Wordsworth's "Ode: Intimations of Immortality" are now accessible via the website. All that remains to be done is the Overture and the orchestration. (Anybody interested in hiring Don to complete the score? The results become publically available under a Creative Commons license!)
      •  November , 2012: As the Performance Arts director for Nexus Information Consulting, Ltd., I am looking for an appropriate venue for rehearsing and performing drama. Space is needed for an adult program, for a children's program, and for a semi-legitimate theater troupe. It may end up being anywhere from one to three venues.
      •    What is needed for each is a rehearsal space capable of accommodating up to 30 people, and a stage with drops and sound and lighting that is also capable of accommodating at least a small band or orchestra. Any suggestions are appreciated, and may be sent to my email at don@orfeomusic.org .
      • November 11, 2012: Don's famous talk on "The Spirituality of Music" will be given at the Bao'an Library's Sunday "English Salon." The Salon,  starting at 10AM and finishing at noon, is a regular Sunday feature of the Bao'an Library, and is free and open to the public. As his presentation uses a bilingual slide presentation, non-English speaking people can understand it fully and share in the enjoyment of this very special presentation. So be sure to bring your non-English speaking friends! The Bao'an Library is in the western Shenzhen district of Bao'an; click here for map and directions; click here for a listing of English Salon events. Click here to preview the entire Spirituality of Music presentation in English and Chinese.
      •  November 1, 2012: The first Bao'an District, Shenzhen After School Performance Arts Program in English begins around November 1st (date and Bao'an venue to be determined). Open to all English-speaking middle- and high school students in the area, the students will be coached on creating, writing, learning and performing their own musical. Training includes classes in mime, improvisation, drama, singing, costumery and makeup, stagecraft (props and sets), theatre house management, directing, and rehearsing. Three ticketed performances will be January 25, 26, and 27. Watch this webpage for updated information and links...
      • September 25, 2012:  Don is now associated with  Nexus Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (耐思信息咨询有限公), a China-based consulting firm started by entrepreneur Chris England. Its projects include trade, HR sourcing and placement in education, software development, and applied education. Don is taking charge of developing performance arts programs and products.
        July 25, 2012: Yay!!! One of the three groups of four students coached for the CCTV National Speech Competition won fourth place in the national standings! Congratulations to students Jack, Leo, Grace, and Lynn!
      • July 16, 2012: Don has returned to the first school he taught at in China, helping to recruit new students, and teaching Middle and High school students the art of speech-making for a national contest sponsored by the National television network, CCTV. He has already received a special recognition for his work. He returns home to Shenzhen August 11.

         June 21, 2012:  China-UK College's 5th grade Performance Arts classes gave their final performances. Under Don's guidance, the five 5th grade classes had conceived, written, composed, casted, rehearsed and performed their own productions at their school in Shenzhen.
      •  January 20, 2012: In the morning Don returns to China via United Airlines (prefer China Southern!), and arrives in Hong Kong, January 21st in the evening. After customs at Hong Kong airport and again at the Hong Kong/mainland checkpoint (an hour train ride to get there), he will travel another hour to arrive home sometime around 11PM. Jet lag will probably see him sleeping late on the 22nd.
      • January 15, 2012: Don will present a talk about China to the Modern Mind Group of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta (UUCA) located in Atlanta. His talk, "China 2012: A Futuristic Retrospective," will explore many of the beliefs Westerners have regarding China, and will expose sources of some of the myths regarding freedom, politics and economics in China. It is at 9:30AM in rooms 209-210, on the back left side when entering through the front door. Free childcare is available; directions to the church are here. NOTE: You may see the PowerPoint presentation, articles and the links to his resources on the China Talk page.
      •  October 15-16, 2011: Don will participate in Riptide Coaster Raid's upcoming visit to Wutong Shan in Shenzhen. Of the twelve artists presenting, he will be the one providing music. His project: find someone native to Wutong Shan and collaborate to create a song about Wutong Shan to be presented at the event. Click here for additional information about Coaster Raid.  He will be there most of both days; the time of his special 30 minute presentation has not yet been set.
      •  September, 2011: Links for China-UK College students are here.
      •  September, 2011: Don is the new "Performance Art" teacher at 中英公学 (zhong ying gong xue), China-UK College. The school's website (in Chinese) is http://www.zygx.com.cn. You may see his presentation at school (including pictures) about the dangers of smoking here.

                July 23, 2011:
        Don's first Zen of Zen concert, to be presented at F518 Idea Land in Bao'an, Shenzhen. The first half will be various compositions including songs written in China, and even a couple in Chinese! (Someone else will be singing, though.) He will also accompany his arrangement of a traditional Chinese song. The second half will be all music and no talk, all improvised and personalized for the audience. The concert is free, but visitors will have an opportunity to contribute in exchange for a copy of the poster signed by Don. Additional information about Don's concert may be found here in Chinese and here in English. His promotional poster may be seen here.

      •  July 2011: Don is now associated with Mr. Wang Lixin's "Shenzhen Music Sound Co., Ltd." music school. You may find out more information (in Chinese) at http://www.szyymusic.com/msfc.asp

      •  June-July 2011: Now in Shenzhen. Taught the tail end of the term at 中英公学 (zhong ying gong xue), China-UK College, which is actually a K-12 pre-college international prep school. Taught some English, but mostly taught "performance arts": under Don's coaching, the 15-member 10th grade class created and prepared their final presentation that they gave on July 1st. It included drama, song, and the introduction of the school song that the class wrote. The school's website is www.zygx.com.cn
      •  March, 2011: Back in Nanchang February after a month's visit to the States. Celebrated my parent's 68th Wedding Anniversary and my father's 89th birthday! The Winter Dayu term begins early March.
      • March 12, 2010: "Spirituality of Music." Don's famous talk about music as language. People say their musical experience is never again the same upon hearing this presentation. Presented at his school, Jiangxi Dayu, Wanli District, Nanchang, Jiangxi.
      •  February 14, 21, 2010: Don will play music for the Sunday morning services at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Gwinnett in Lawrenceville, Georgia (click for map). The service begins at 10:30AM.
      •  January 27, 2010: Don will present his talk "China – A Futuristic Retrospective" at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Gwinnett in Lawrenceville, Georgia (click for map). The talk begins at 7:00PM. The optional dinner starts at 6:30PM, but if you want to join in the dinner, you must RSVP with Lois by Monday. Her number is 770-806-8305. The talk is free; dinner is $7 per adult, $4 per child, and $20 max per family. A list of un-annotated links to my resources for this talk may be found here.
      •  February 6, 2010 (moved from January 23): Home Concert -- Cobb County, Georgia. Don will be performing at a private home concert. Click here for details and to find out more about home concerts.
      •  January 11, 2010:  Don is the featured January speaker at the monthly meeting of the Atlanta Nation Discussion Group (Atlanta, Georgia). Don is the featured January speaker at the monthly meeting of the The meeting will be at the new Avis G. Williams Library on McConnell Street in Decatur, at 6:45PM. The topic: "China – A Futuristic Retrospective."

    Press Releases

    • November 14, 2009 -- A newspaper story is published in the Jiangxi News; click here to see the online version. (Scroll down to see the picture.)
    • November 13, 2009 -- A newspaper story is published in ; click here to see the online version.
    • November 10, 2009 -- A story about Don is published in 江西大宇学院报 (Jiangxi Dayu Xue Yuan Bao), the Jiangxi Dayu College school newspaper.
    • September 9, 2009 -- After another 11 months of dormancy, OrfeoMusic.org is back up! There were ongoing difficulties with translation to get the involved parties to successfully move the site to its Chinese host. In America, Don was a computer guru; in China, Don is a computer idiot!
    • June 17, 2008 -- After six months of dormancy, OrfeoMusic.org is again being updated to reflect Don's current living situation. The site updating is scheduled for completion by July 1, 2008.
    • September, 2007 -- Don is an instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL) and of music at one of the major private universities in China, Jiangxi Dayu Vocational and Technical University, Nanchang, China.
    • February 2, 2005 -- Don has accepted the position of Music Director for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett, in Lawrenceville, GA, a Northeast suburb of Atlanta. He'll be building their music program from scratch.
    • August 11, 2003 -- Press Release


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