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Marriage of Convenience (MS Word doc)


The Restaurant and the Fly

This origin of this play was a fifth grade class in 2011 at China-UK College, a pre-college international school in Shenzhen, China. The students wrote the brief story line; Don expanded it into its current form. It is ideal for an ESL class ranging from about 25 to 35 students. Some parts are larger roles than others; some have just one or two lines. Everyone can have as little or as much activity as desired. The director's script includes a stage diagram, and some additional suggestions for adapting it to a class.

This is a video (195MB .WAV) of China-UK College's class 5A performing The Restaurant and the Fly, Fall, 2011.

Director's script (MS Word .DOC)

The Parts (MS Word .DOCs)

  1. Bobby

  2. Bus Boy 1

  3. Bus Boy 2

  4. Candy

  5. Cashier

  6. Cook 1

  7. Cook 2

  8. Cook 3

  9. Customer 1

  10. Customer 2

  11. Customer 3

  12. Customer 4

  13. Customer 5

  14. Customer 6

  15. Customer 7

  16. Customer 8

  17. Customer 9

  18. Customer 10

  19. Customer 11

  20. Danni

  21. Harry the Boss

  22. Hostess 1

  23. Hostess 2

  24. Jerri

  25. Sam

  26. Waiter/Waitress 1

  27. Waiter/Waitress 2

  28. Waiter/Waitress 3

  29. Waiter/Waitress 4

  30. Waiter/Waitress 5


The Ugly Duckling

Details about this operetta may be found at


Mystic Music, Holiday of Magic

This 20 minute one act musical was co-written with 15 selected K-2 grade children during my nine week Artists in Education Residency in Sandersville, Georgia USA in 1985. It can be performed by a cast as few as six or as many as 36; it is designed so the six roles are easily doubled.

Although it has thus far been performed by children, there is no reason that it can't be performed by adults or a mixed age cast.

All components including the script and printed music for the songs as well as the rehearsal and orchestrated performance accompaniment tracks are all public domain, and are accessible at .

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