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Marriage of Convenience (MS Word doc)


The Restaurant and the Fly

This origin of this play was a fifth grade class in 2011 at China-UK College, a pre-college international school in Shenzhen, China. The students wrote the brief story line; Don expanded it into its current form. It is ideal for an ESL class ranging from about 25 to 35 students. Some parts are larger roles than others; some have just one or two lines. Everyone can have as little or as much activity as desired. The director's script includes a stage diagram, and some additional suggestions for adapting it to a class.

This is a video (195MB .WAV) of China-UK College's class 5A performing The Restaurant and the Fly, Fall, 2011.

Director's script (MS Word .DOC)

The Parts (MS Word .DOCs)

  1. Bobby

  2. Bus Boy 1

  3. Bus Boy 2

  4. Candy

  5. Cashier

  6. Cook 1

  7. Cook 2

  8. Cook 3

  9. Customer 1

  10. Customer 2

  11. Customer 3

  12. Customer 4

  13. Customer 5

  14. Customer 6

  15. Customer 7

  16. Customer 8

  17. Customer 9

  18. Customer 10

  19. Customer 11

  20. Danni

  21. Harry the Boss

  22. Hostess 1

  23. Hostess 2

  24. Jerri

  25. Sam

  26. Waiter/Waitress 1

  27. Waiter/Waitress 2

  28. Waiter/Waitress 3

  29. Waiter/Waitress 4

  30. Waiter/Waitress 5


Mystic Music, Holiday of Magic

This 20 minute one act musical was co-written with 15 selected K-2 grade children during my nine week Artists in Education Residency in Sandersville, Georgia USA in 1985. It can be performed by a cast as few as six or as many as 36; it is designed so the six roles are easily doubled.

Although it has thus far been performed by children, there is no reason that it can't be performed by adults or a mixed age cast. The script and printed music for the songs as well as the rehearsal and orchestrated performance accompaniment tracks follow:

The complete generic script

01 The Holidays Are Here! full score
Rehearse - low voice

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