Zen of Zen is a concert format that includes improvisation as well as compositions.



       Zen is philosophy of the mind.
     Music is philosophy of the heart.
     Zen of Zen is music.





The following is from the July, 2011 concert poster:

Click to see full poster (or to download the PDF file)This is not rock ní roll! You will hear a variety of Western and Chinese classical styles with a new-age flair. With the exception of a few songs, all of the music is improvised. You will even have an opportunity to ask questions that will be a part of a conversation in which the answers are given through music! You do not just listen; you participate. For many, Donís Zen of Zen music becomes a life-changing experience.

You are welcome to bring blankets and pillows, as much of the experience is very introspective and relaxing. However, people who are snoring may find themselves being gently nudged!

Please contact Don if you are interested in hosting a Zen of Zen concert.


To see the 2011 concert (MP4 format), click on the following links. NOTE: Files one through four are around 200MB each; the fifth is 31MB.

Zen of Zen Part 1 of 5

Zen of Zen Part 2 of 5

Zen of Zen Part 3 of 5

Zen of Zen Part 4 of 5

Zen of Zen Part 5 of 5

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