The Ugly Duckling
Beauty Is in the Aye of the Beholder

a Gilbert and Sullivan-styled Operetta in two acts

Additional Kickstarter Information

The Kickstarter crowdfunding was unsuccessful; however, the project continues with the projected deadline of March April July 1 October 1, 2023
for the piano/vocal score. The following is maintained for those who might be interested in seeing what was attempted!

What's in it for me?

Two "me's" to discuss here: the "me" as in "I," and the "me" as in "you."

The "I' me gets to be who I am: one who is compelled to get personal attention by making other's lives richer and happier through music. I'm human, and like most humans I've made mistakes and have hurt others and myself, but without intention to do so. This work is one way I am able to clean up some of the messes I've created.

The "you" me gets to be a supporter and contributor to a concept designed to enrich other's lives. I wish to be paid for the work, but the work isn't mine--upon its completion, it belongs to humanity. I learned this concept from Asian friends, who explained the idea that anything that benefits humanity does not belong to its creator, any more than a carpenter contracted to build a house would own the house upon its completion. It is for this reason that when I do crowd-funding, I don't need multiple tiers of different awards; any and every contribution is an investment in self by the contributor as well as an investment in humanity. In projects like this, every contributor is at the angel level!

By registering it as Creative Commons  Creative Commons License  instead of a traditional copyright, this means anyone can perform any part or all of it for profit if desired, without having to pay royalties. The only legal requirement is that the original authorship is acknowledged, and any modifications for paid performances require my written permission.

Having said that, I do suggest that contributions be in the range of $10 to $50 USD. The goal is $20,000.00 USD, or $5,000 per month for four months from November through February; as I am currently residing in China where the cost of living is much lower, that amount has the buying power equivalent in China to $40,000 in the States.

Kickstarter Rewards -- Details

At the $100 level, your name or the name of the person of your choice will appear on the Patron Angel’s list on my website, and your picture or a picture of someone of your choice will be posted on my music studio wall. (Be sure you have your permission or the permission of the people you choose before you make your request; surprises however are welcome. Want to add a ‘will you marry me’ message?

You will also have the option of


       a live, personalized tour of my music studio (before or after adding your picture of choice);  


       a live, personalized tour of my vitamin collection.

Live streaming can be via Zoom or WeChat.

At the $200 level, you get everything from the $100 level, plus a live stream personal video in which I answer your questions. They can be personal, about music, politics, health, China, philosophy,

and whether or not it would be appropriate for you to add a ‘will you marry me’ message on my studio wall.

At the $500 level, you get to have your name of choice inscribed on the published inside page of the final musical score under the Patron Angel’s list.

You will also have the option of my creating for you a personalized musical answering machine message. (My personal ringtone is not musical, but makes Chinese people laugh when they hear it!)

Additionally, you get to join the weekly one-hour Zoom / WeChat conference call I will be hosting. You will have an opportunity to observe the composing work in progress, as well as participate in sharing questions, suggestions, comments and criticisms (and hopefully a complement or two) about the musical.

At the $2000 level, all previous level benefits, plus I will write a personalized song for you. A wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, sibling, teacher, historical event, hysterical event—you provide the words or even just the idea, let me know which style you’d like it in, and together through music we’ll bring together or chase away whatever it is that you want to bring together or chase away!

By the way, it doesn’t matter what language you choose, except that if it is not English, I’ll need the words and not just the idea!

An example of a love song I composed may be heard at


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