About Home Concerts

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About Home Concerts

Home Concerts are a way for you to introduce Don to your friends and family in a more intimate setting. Most concerts are private and by invitation only, but the rules are entirely up to you. Invite ten or more people, and Don will show up with his miniature studio prepared to play the music of the evening. You create the format you desire. It might be in the form of a musical satsang, a full concert, or as simple as quiet dining music. Additionally, the evening's music is recorded, and a CD is prepared that your guests can buy as a remembrance of the event. As Don's host, you are gifted a free copy of the CD. Don's other CDs are made available for you and your guests.

Don carefully guards your privacy. If your gathering is private, only the date and county are advertised on this page. Contact information can include your name and contact information, or Don is glad to serve as your contact. He will not disclose any information about you or your location unless the caller properly identifies your gathering according to your specifications.

For a different artist’s perception of creating Home Concerts, see http://www.bonjournal.com/volume2/issue5concerts.pdf


Home Concerts are also a way for you to show your support for the arts. Whether you “hire” the performer, charge a fixed ticket price or ask for a love offering is up to you. The standard rate for a performer is $125.00 per hour of performance, so charging $10.00 per person for an intimate personalized two-hour concert attended by ten people is quite a bargain; $25.00 per person is not bad, either, and properly honors the performer’s work. (NOTE: In China, rates are approximately one-tenth of that in the U.S.)

Home Concert Tips

  • Make it a pot-luck.
  • Invite guests to bring their own chairs and pillows.
  • Provide childcare. (Concerts are child-friendly; most young children will sleep in the presence of the music!)
  • Outdoor concerts are great, provided shade and a grounded power source are available for the equipment. Having an alternative venue available is highly recommended in the event of inclement weather.
Last modified: 02/23/22