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Click here to watch a video of Class 5B of Shenzhen's China-UK College performing the song in English. (100MG .WAV file)

Composer's Notes

Note that the words do not say "where we were born and we will die," but say "where we live and we will die." I wanted to be sure that the people the song is about includes me.

China has shown that it is possible for an appointed republic to behave more like a democracy than a democratic republic. There is more religious freedom here than in the U.S. If you don't believe that, try to get a job at a company in the States after disclosing you believe in something other than Jesus or God, or don't believe in anything at all. In China, Jews and Muslims live and work together in gentle Peace, knowing that they have common religious roots. If you think the Falun Gong was religious oppression, look at Waco and other cults. What did they have in common? Not just unique religious beliefs, but the overthrow of the authority of the government. The Communist Party has no problem with criticism of its policies; people speak out every day. It does however have a problem with people challenging the authority of the Party's rule. So what? The U.S. government has the same policy, and has exercised enforcement of that policy in places like the Black Panther headquarters in Philadelphia, Wounded Knee,  Provo, Utah. No one seems to be ranting about the American government's approval and participation in the genocide of fifteen million Native Americans, but if you free up an entire region from the tyranny of a theocracy similar to what the American religious right would like to have, people cry out for human rights justice. The forbidden city of Lhasa was off limits to the peasants, because the rich did not want to be overburdened by the poor they created through huge taxation in the name of Buddha. Today's Tibetan population is economically better off than it was prior to the revolution, and happier too, including full opportunity to practice their varied religions and maintain their cultural heritages.


We Are

There is none with greater love of country;

There is none with greater love for Peace.

We are the heart and soul of our Nation;

We are the strength that binds the land and sea.


There is none who care more for each other;

Who speak of love and family.


We stand and sing one voice together,

For China, the land of the Free.


There is none with greater love of Nature;

There is none who live in greater harmony.

We are the fish swimming in the waters.

We are the birds flying in the sky;


There are none who give more to each other;

There are none who better know to laugh and cry.

We live our lives as sister and as brother,

This is our home, where we live and we will die.


There is a joy in all hearts of Creation;

There is a joy in all we do and see.

We are proud to stand as one Nation:

We are China, the land of the free;

We are China, the People who are free.



Dedicated to those whose lives were touched by the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake



Words and music by Don Rechtman


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Last modified: 06/07/24