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Words by Don "Orfeo" Rechtman


Don "Orfeo" Rechtman


Tenor or Soprano Solo, Chorus, piano (chamber orchestra accompaniment available)

O Blessed Night by Don "Orfeo" Rechtman (1988)
is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
    (This means you can perform it non-commercially or commercially without having to pay royalties, but you are required to acknowledge its authorship and where you got it. You cannot modify it without written permission from Don "Orfeo" Rechtman.)

Sheet Music

(To copy the score to your computer, right-click the link and select "Save target as... ".)

Vocal/Piano Score octavo PDF

Full Orchestra Score PDF


Free orchestral parts (as PDFs) are available by request, or you may create your own with the Sibelius score.

Full Orchestra Score Sibelius SIB (You will need Sibelius or the free Get Scorchreader to read this file.) To save the file, right-click and select "Save Target As..." and save it to your computer. The file suffix is ... .SIB.TXT   Delete the .TXT ; it may warn you about changing the suffix; click YES. The file is then ready for a Sibelius program.


This is a live recording of a performance by the Decatur Civic Chorus, presented December 12, 2004 at the First Baptist Church of Decatur in Decatur, Georgia, Mary Anne Sharp, Director, Evelyn Arnn, Accompanist. (See http://www.decaturcivicchorus.org/ for more information.) Additional accompaniment included a small instrumental ensemble. The soprano soloist is Pattie Lewis; conducted by Don Rechtman. (Professionally recorded by Johnny Woodall, Cherokee Recording Services, 770-345-2776.).



Practice Tracks


Lyrics Printout



This has been performed in many locations around the U.S., including North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, and Georgia. One church used it for several years for the candle-lighting portion of their Christmas service.

The music is dedicated to Mary Lou Corcoran, one of the most amazing persons I ever had the gift of knowing. The accompaniment melody to the final "amens" moves between the notes A-C-C-A, the four musical letters present in her full name.

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